Wireless Proximity Safety for Dangerous Equipment  

Over 300,000 lawn mowing accidents per year, over 800 children's limbs being amputated annually, and only three basic safeties from manufactures in over 40 years that stop rotating blades on lawn mowers. What we need is an automatic proximity safety shutdown.  

For the sake of our children, it's time for the first fully automatic safety system. 

This system ensures a safe condition is present when potentially dangerous equipment is in proximity to a child.  Once widely used it will save hundreds of thousands of children's limbs, and prevent flying debris injuries. This new system requires no visual or hearing observation, nor any action to be performed by the operator to enable a safe condition when a child, adult, or pet wearing a tag transmitter is within the danger zone. The new system is not a nuisance to the operator and will seldom, if ever be bypassed like the existing three safeties the industry has offered over the past 40 years. At Little Feet Safety Systems we believe children and parents deserve our best effort and technology to nullify a potentially dangerous event that a child cannot perceive or an adult may not have time to react to.   

At this time Little Feet Safety Systems is just beginning its journey into the market place. The Lawn equipment accidents are not isolated to the US market. Unfortunately, it happens all over the world. For this reason we hope that manufacturers  and global suppliers of lawn type equipment will take note and utilize our product in the manufacturing process. This would rapidly give lawn equipment operators the highest level of protection available and we believe dramatically reduce the related injury statistics. In the near future we are determined to at least have retro-fit kits available to install on existing lawn equipment. The kit will consist of a sorted amount of transmitter tags embedded in shoe tags, hair clips, wrist bands, jewelry, and other variations. Also in the kit will be the spark plug relay/receiver unit. This component will snap right on to your existing spark plug where the factory wire is. The factory spark plug wire will then plug into the opposite end of the relay/receiver unit. Simply put the tags on all the items your child routinely wears outdoors and let the system keep them safe from a tragic accident. If you loose a tag, not to worry, it will be embedded in an item with our easily recognizable logo on it. 

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 Videos of the early prototypes demonstrate the method and concept can become the reality! Child walks in range and we have automatic shutdown! More to come...

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