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   Greetings. My name is John Brooks and I am the inventor of the Little Feet Safety System. The inspiration for this invention originated from a series of tragic accidents appearing in the news here in Florida. I was driving home from work and heard yet another story on the radio, a small child had been backed over by a riding mower severing both feet. The thought of the challenges this child would face in the future and the agony the parents must be going through weighed heavily on my mind and still does.

   I began to look at current safeties on mowers, yearly injury statistics, and the history of safety regulations. My heart sank when I realized the magnitude of the deficiency in effective prevention tools for lawn accidents. Story after story I looked at simply had the same stale "safety tips", pick up debris in the yard, watch out for your kids, look before you back up. I thought, this cant be all we have to rely on! Did automobile manufacturers simply say, watch out you don't crash or you may fly out of the windshield? Of course not. Fact is no matter our most diligent efforts, these mower accidents are going to continue. So, like car manufacturers, we need a seat belt or air bag of sorts. Something that will definitively change the outcome of the accidents that will occur. The automobile industry did not lay idle in regard to safety, why should the mower industry? Current technology is available to transform the prevention methods for these tragic accidents. I became passionate about finding a way to significantly change the outcome of a child getting too close to lawn equipment. This approach is the most effective for parents and children. Our yards should be a safe place for our children to wander, play and enjoy their youth. But of course we have to maintain those yards with implements that can cause catastrophic injury in a matter of seconds. This new method disabling potentially dangerous equipment in proximity to anyone wearing small transmitter tag passively arrests a bad situation before it begins. It will give the operator time to react/redirect and overcome the noise, vision, and reflex obstacles we all are limited by when performing yard work. A proximity Safety shutdown is the answer. 

   As I spoke to family and friends about my passion to solve this problem, I discovered many people know someone in their life who received an injury or even died from a lawn equipment accident. I have two small children of my own and have always loved looking at their little feet and hands as they grow. This was the inspiration for the company name. A lawn accident can happen to anyone today. When my children grow up and have children of their own, I hope this invention will have made these accidents a thing of the past. 

 Grass Roots Effort To Change The Outcome Of Lawn Care Accidents




   My family and I have recently embarked on this mission that has evolved into a business. We have great empathy for all the children and parents who live with the results of a lawn mower type accident. We hope to be successful and give back in the future by employing people who have had these type of injuries in their childhood and share passion for the invention. We also hope to help organizations financially that provide care and prosthetics for these children. As Little Feet Safety Systems grows, we envision a wide range of children's safety products that utilize the same proximity type method. Our vision is to provide products that will protect children in those seconds that always allude a parent. Those kids are fast aren't they!

   If your a lawn mowing manufacturer interested in becoming the first to provide the best preventative safety system for your equipment, we will be very happy to speak with you about licensing our product to you.

    If you are a victim or parent who has experienced a LMA and  would like to tell your story, contact us.

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